I'm alive because of you

I don't want those ashes I saw to be disappointed in me.

Random late night thoughts. I would really to cosplay Myriam Scuttlebutt from the last Phoenix Wright game. I just really want to make that stupid cardboard box.

I still haven’t started on Athena though….but I think Myriam is easier?

I’m a little bored. Someone should go to the movies with me.

Did you know Ghostbusters in theaters for the anniversary? I didn’t!


me finishing bioshock infinite: Wow. Just wow. Masterpiece. I feel like we have reached the aboslute pinnacle of story-telling in video games. This is not entertainent. This is art. God bless Ken Levine. I started this game as a girl, I finish as a woman. Incredible. The symbolism and the metaphors… the devices used….. I am amazed. When will the rest of the industry follow?

[5 seconds later]

me: what the fuck did i just play. 

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